Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The doctor told us e needed to put Hayley on a chemo drug and that is had terrible side efects, one possibly causing inferility. That is the only time I have seen distress in hayley thiis whole time. I call Nate Brooks my brother in law and he started researchiing. he called back and told us to ask the doc about another med called rituximab. I asked the doc about using that one cause it did not have any risk of inferility. The doc said it couldn;t be used with wegeners disease. Then the next day he came back and said that we could use it or the other one it was our choice and we had 2 hours to decide. (he must have researched) Hayley and I looked at the two long lists of possible side effects and talked too Nate again. I told Hayley it was her choice and that she could pray about it and let me know what was the one for her. She said she felt good about the rituximab.

So they started her on it today and we were feeling a little anxious. The doctor came in and said this will make it or break it!!!! A lady that is in Shannons ward and an aunt to Deseries best friend, came into the hospital room and said that she had wegeners and ran right down to tell us that she had done her treatent at the mayo clinic and that they were using this new medicine and she was in remission now and had not one side effect from the med and that she wanted to tell us to try to get it instead of the other meds. She said that this med doesnt kill all of the stuff just the bad stuff?(anti-bodies)??? I said how can we find out about it? What is the name of it? RITUXIMAB Hayley and I both felt so blessed! i said "Hayley you did a great job recieving revelation"! We know that she may have side effecs and all but the experience was just a tender mercy. And thanks to nate!

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Brittany and Jay said...

Heavenly Father is watching out for you Hayley! You are awesome! And I know you can do this no matter how hard it may be sometimes. Sure love you, we are praying for you daily:)