Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dear Family and Friends
Well i cant wait to see you at the holidays. I cant wait. Well things have been going pretty good for me here. The weather is so weird. It will be freezing and start snowing, then it will start to rain, and then other times it just feels so good outside that you dont even need a sweater. I am loving it though. Well it has been an interesting few weeks up here in Salt Lake City. As most of you may know that along with California, Salt Lake City has had to deal with angry protestors against proposition 8. It frightens me sometimes to see all of the threats being made but I know I will be kept safe. :) I am so glad to have a prophet who will guide us through these last days, my roomate pointed something out to me in the Proclamation it says " WE CALL UPON RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS AND OFFICERS OF GOVERNMENT EVERYWHERE TO PROMOTE THOSE MEASURES DESIGNED TO MAINTAIN AND STRENGTHEN THE FAMILY AS THE FUNDAMENTAL UNIT OF SOCIETY""
Well I have been keeping pretty busy with other things. We finished up our last soccer tournament and we came in 3rd place out of all the teams. ha ha I was just on the team because you had to have a girl on the field at all times. It was so much fun though. The guys here that play soccer have a great deal of talent. Many could have kept playing and gotten far with their talent. It has been lots of fun playing with them:)
Jana and I play basketball on tuesdays. We are the only girls that play but it is tons of fun. Jana is very talented in sports. She could have gone to play college volleyball or basketball if she wanted too. We have tons of fun together:)
School is keeping me busy. I know I say this over and over but this Interior Design program pushes you to your limit. I have learned so much just in this one semester. I am surprised how fast i have learned. It will be nice to have a break though. Oh ya if any of you have any ideas i have to make a lamp. All i get is the the cord that plugs into the wall. Any suggestions would be great :) Well i will hopefully see you soon. Love you all:)


Suzannah said...

So when are you getting back? I am so excited to see you! :)

The work verification is 'dorke' lol. :)

Tiffernator said...

OH girl i am sooooooooooo happy you are coming home like you have no idea! i miss you and heather a ton! oh my gosh! do you come home tomorrow night like heather! anyways i cant wait to see you! have a nice flight!